Loading equipment management in TISLOG

Load Management in TISLOG

Software-supported loading equipment management? No problem with TISLOG!

The specialists at TIS GmbH and developers of the TISLOG logistics software work closely with customers and users. This helps them to identify the need for specific solutions quickly and often a solution is implemented in our application. In this way, the TISLOG logistics software has developed into a versatile application with countless options over time.

Loading equipment and containers such as pallets, lattice boxes, barrels or crates are indispensable for the transport of goods. But many companies find it difficult to keep track. Here, too, TISLOG offers a practical digital solution: loading equipment management.

This option in TISLOG is more than just the documentation of a swap on the mobile device during a tour. In this webinar, our speaker Mike Ahlmann will guide you through the various recording options of the application and demonstrate the intuitive operation of the mobile interface. After his lecture or later, he looks forward to your questions, suggestions and an exchange with you.

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