ETA and Arrival Monitor - underrated features in TISLOG office Infodesk

Introduction, calculation and parameterization, possible applications

Free Webinar | ETA in TISLOG logistics software

Better overview of delivery and pick-up times, more reliable scheduling, better communication with your customers: With the help of the ETA (= Estimated Time of Arrival) in the TISLOG office Infodesk Web Portal, you can keep track of the pick-up and delivery times of your drivers.
The arrival time is influenced by various factors, such as the traffic situation, driving time, type of goods on the truck, vehicle-related factors, and the length of stay with the customer.
These influences are taken into account by the TISLOG logistics software during the ongoing calculation and adjustment of the ETA using GPS data. In the webinar, we will use examples to demonstrate how the information obtained is clearly displayed in our TISLOG office Infodesk web portal.

Learn more about the parameterization and possible application for tour monitoring as well as notification options.

With another additional Infodesk module, the arrival monitor (= AKM), you can manage the arrival times in your depot. A wide range of configuration options assists you in keeping an eye on the arrival and punctuality of your fleets, vehicles, or tours.

You will also learn more about available extensions.
In combination with our add-on module Alertboard, for example, you can generate messages and alarms which inform the responsible parties automatically in the event of impending scheduling difficulties or, for example, an adjustment of the stop sequence by the driver can be initiated in this way.

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