Pre-trip inspection with the TISLOG app

Paper Checklist vs. Software App - Functions, pros and cons

Free Webinar | Pre-trip inspection in TISLOG

The pre-trip inspection is not only a legal requirement for truck drivers, it is also an important step to prevent road breakdowns.
Experts estimate about 15 minutes for a careful pre-trip inspection before driving. Drivers are still frequently using pen and paper for their check around the vehicle. As part of the TISLOG logistics software, TIS also offers a digital app for pre-trip inspection.
In addition to digital lists, which provide for smoother documentation and less paperwork, additional features, such as integrated photo functions, support the optimized registration of irregularities. In the webinar, we will talk about the traditional as well as the digitally supported pre-trip inspection and introduce our user-friendly software solution.

The pre-trip inspection in the TISLOG logistics software is available for various mobile devices. We will show you how the software guides your drivers step-by-step through the process and which information is subsequently available to your staff in the headquarters via our web portal TISLOG office Infodesk.

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Our Free App for Android and iOS!

A basic version of our digital pre-trip inspection is available as a free app in the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store. With the app you can test the pre-trip inspection before you decide to use our TISLOG logistics software.

Download our free app here:

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