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Free Webinar | Map features in TISLOG office Infodesk

The map is a powerful feature in TISLOG office Infodesk that gives you an overview of your fleet, even if it includes many vehicles. In addition, extensive detailed information can be obtained in the map view, housed on various information levels that can be switched on and off. With a zoom function, adjustable map views, configurable vehicle views and many other configuration options, you get all the information you need at all times.

In our webinar, we introduce the basic structure of the map view, for example, the display of the vehicles with positions and tracks, and explain the numerous options (target / actual positions, POI (Point of Interest, etc.).

The webinar topics at a glance:

  • basic map structure (layers)
  • general map functions (zoom / pan/ views)
  • vehicle representation (positions / lanes / planned route)
  • representation of other data levels (order data / tour information ...)
  • comparison of geographic data in "frozen" layers
  • individual configuration of the map view


Find more information in this article:

Visualize routes, stops and vehicles easily with the map function in TISLOG office Infodesk

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