Our Webinar Speakers


Josef Bielefeld

Founder of TIS GmbH

Since the end of 2016, he has ended his involvement in the company's management and since then has been advising on the documentation and further development of the TIS telematics software.


Mike Ahlmann

Sales and customer service at TIS GmbH

Mike Ahlmann works in customer service and sales related to TISLOG Logistics & Mobility. He has been a member of the TIS team since 1999. The graduate in business administration ensures that customer requirements are worked on internally and implemented as custom-tailored solutions.
Oliver Krahmer | Webinar-Referent der TIS GmbH

Oliver Krahmer

Sales and project management at TIS GmbH

Oliver Krahmer has been reinforcing sales and project management at TIS since the end of 2018. The trained forwarding merchant and technical business administrator (IHK) has been gathering experience in the telematics and logistics industry for 30 years.